3 Best Online Businesses to Start In 2020 For Beginners

So we’re going to be going over the best three businesses to start in 2020 that take no startup Capital that you can do anywhere in the world and that can be done. Even if you’re not 18 yet. So I got three great businesses that are rising up really fast. There’s a huge wave. There’s going to be a lot more money in these businesses in T which spells a lot of opportunity for you, so take notes people because we’re going to go over specifically Point by point right here on my computer how you can get started in these business and start making money fast. Let’s get it. 

2020 is right around the corner and what’s really cool is that there are so many changes happening in the world right now and change spells opportunity because most people don’t want to change but if you’re trying to get started as an entrepreneur in business these changes in these big trends spell opportunity for you, and I’m going to be going over these three You can start a got a lot of information right here.

1.Affiliate Marketing

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

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Okay, let’s get into it. So number one is one of the fastest-growing fields in the entire world right now, and it’s really exciting and it’s Affiliate marketing right just going to abbreviate it. That’s what I do. Okay, and affiliate marketing has actually grown over forty percent in 2018 and it continues to grow even faster. It’s growing even more in 2019 and going into 2020. This is a great field to get it the fact is that companies no longer want to spend their advertising dollars hoping and praying that they get some leads or they get some customers companies. 
Much rather pay Some college students don’t know good marketing tactics anymore college is not where you learn marketing anymore. We have armies at our disposal online. So why not utilize all the people around the world? We move my goofy. Okay. So let’s get into affiliate marketing. I’m going to show you websites that apply all over the world.

There are two but the first website that I recommend is called ClickBank, but you cannot use ClickBank if you live. Africa or if you live Live Pakistan Bangladesh but basically ClickBank if you see right here the way it’s spelled is Click Bank. Okay, not quick Bank does not clickbait, but click bag and you create an account here and you will find products here. Now. I’m going to show you a quick rule of thumb is if you go to the products area you search for products by clicking this button. And what will happen is you will get listed over 4,200 products that will pay you money. You can just scroll through and find products that will pay you money. Here’s $40 this product will if you get a sale of it, you will get $37. Now. How did you affiliate marketing I go into other videos on my channel so the specific tactics, but I’m just going to overview right here. Now some things that I would suggest an affiliate marketer is looking for recurring programs. Okay, look for programs that pay you monthly because if you get paid monthly now, you’re building up a bay. Stephan entrepreneur has lat The ups and downs, but if you create recurring income for yourself, as I have I have over a hundred thousand a month in recurring in So if I were like die even have $100,000 come in my bank account every month, right pretty cool. So you can do that and it works in a number of different languages, but you can sign up all over what of Nigeria what up Bangladesh. What up Pakistan? Okay. So if you’re from these other countries in the world where you’re Tanks discriminating against me. I don’t know. Let me just be clear. I’m not discriminating against you I get a lot of hate comments that are like, why are you discriminating against Nigerians? I’m not discriminating against you that’s the company’s but here’s a website that you can join as an affiliate marketer and get started with and start posting lines and start burning money. Let’s get it. That website is called Digistore24.com. Chance of getting in they pay through payoneer or PayPal. Okay, so paying your PayPal for did you store but they don’t have as many good products as ClickBank. They leave about a hundred products. You can sell huh? Let’s get it. So number two is being a can you guess it social influencer? Okay. So being a social media influencer is one of the fastest-growing Fields because really all the celebrities all this stuff is being created online now at It’s all about how many followers you have how many, you know friends or subscribers or whatnot that you have and becoming a social media influencer is going to be a growing thing. There are a lot of Perks to Being a social-media influencer free hotels free plane flights better customer service anywhere I call free meals or better service at restaurants the list goes on and on and I’ve seen a lot of positive aspects of being a social influencer. 

2. Social-media Influencer

And it just kind of all came naturally now some things to know is Is start being a social-media influencer. It’s a great thing to combine with affiliate marketing because affiliate marketing is the best kind of online business. So if you have influence, if you have a lot of followers, you can use affiliate marketing very easily to the kind of monetize your following. There’s a lot of other ways you can monetize your following as a social-media influencer not going to go into all the things but basically, you know, there’s brand deals there are ads there’s e-commerce and there’s you know other sorts of partnership type. Years of affiliate opportunities, but the point being you’re in demand and this is where people are looking to easiest way to get 12 hours is just to follow unfollow like friend unfriend and actually just kind of build up yourself organically by following lots of other people hoping they follow you back and I guess I’m following them or unfriending them after a period of time if they don’t follow you so on Twitter, you can follow a thousand people a day. Okay, you follow If they follow you if they don’t follow you on follow on. You can follow about 50 people a day and you can steadily increase that to hundreds. Okay on Facebook. You can friend 499 people a day one of my friends Brian. He’s a seven-figure affiliate marketer is like almost ten Facebook accounts. Now all of them have 5,000 friends. So he didn’t use fan pages, Hughes, just profiles and he built his influence that way and Linkedin you can friend 50 people a day or you can connect with 50 people a day. I see a lot of opportunities on LinkedIn specially for the business to business market and something people underestimate about LinkedIn is you don’t need millions of followers.

If you have influence amongst business professionals, that’s a much more moneyed audience. It’s worth a lot more than having you know, a lot of like, you know, 15-year-old kids following you. So basically you want to follow a lot of people and you want to post a lot

Examples of Influencers

Jay Alvarez

Example of two people who I think does social media pretty well. I’m going to show a man and I’m going to show a woman a poor boy and a girl or something like that. Okay. So this guy does social media better than anybody I’ve ever seen and his name is Jay Alvarez. Because this guy is doing crazy things and social media is the main thing is Instagram and he travels the world post funny things. He’s actually a model and what’s funny is he gets a million dollars for any promotion. He does for any brand partnership. He does is six million followers you made millions of dollars doing a Drop Shipping. He started Drop Shipping necklaces. He has a luggage line called douchebag. Eggs, it’s amazing. But why this guy is doing very well. He has six million followers and his very clear brand. It’s kind of like travel fun luxury, you know little bit of fashion, but a lot of girls, so this is a great example also a way to sell a business opportunity products if he were selling a course or something about what he does for a living or how to do what he does this he would sell out. So as you see Does a lot of fun stuff and he’s trying to show off his personality which is fashion and tattoos and all that stuff another guy.

Elise linenger :

She’s a skincare marketer as you see she’s made her grand around nature around skincare and around kind of spirituality type of stuff. So really cool stuff three things. You should never feel guilty for she has Quoted and so you don’t always need to be in the most interesting place. You can have quotes or you could you know release footage afterward. Okay.

3.Online Teacher

Now, this last profession is responsible for A couple of these and this is the fastest-growing profession in the world right now. It used to be one of the lowest-paid professions in the entire world and it’s really sad, but that profession is actually being a teacher and you say why how you can’t be a teacher. You know, that doesn’t pay any money. I’m not talking about, you know driving to school every day and you know, same kids. Calm down in class. I’m talking about being a teacher an online teacher. Everything’s online. I don’t even know why we have to use the word online. And if you aren’t online missed the boat, but being a teacher online just like what I’m doing here is actually a very good profession. You can do it a number of different ways. I’m doing this for free on YouTube, but you can do this on sites like udemy, which I’m going to show you in just a second here as well. As you know Master Class. There’s a lot of platforms where you can teach online but realistically speaking 

EQ tube is the future of Education. If anybody agrees with me that YouTube is the future of Education typing. It’s the future if you disagree that YouTube is the future of Education. Let’s argue.I believe the knowledge you do you shouldn’t have to drive, you know to school and have to go to a parking lot and walk. It just doesn’t make sense to do school that way anymore. I Believe YouTube is Your education and I believe havoc. 

Pink people figuring out what they enjoy and picking a teacher to self-educate is going to be the future. We should be forcing kids into education, but you can make a lot of money as a teacher and a lot of my friends make millions of dollars a year. I make millions of dollars a year as a teacher and its really great because you know, what I’m teaching is I’m teaching, you know, and you can sign up for my six-week course called the super affiliate system. It teaches people how to Start from Zero to Hero in affiliate marketing or shows people Google ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, email ads and landing pages and Beyond.

Okay, just to give you an idea. I run a one-person company. Okay. One person is just me, you know Ali and Alicia. We see each other every two months, you know, they fill in for me. Sometimes have some contractors that help me out, but it’s just me and my business makes seven million dollars a year.

How to Become an Online Teacher?

So, how do you get started as a teacher right now? What I do is a little more complex. I’ve been doing this for years, but it’s a very scalable industry that’s based on knowledge. So if you have something to give You can do this very easily now. Let me give you an example so we can go on udemy.com. To be a teacher and sell courses they have everything ready for you. They’re not going to Market your course for you, but I’ll show you how to get started. So you go down to the bottom. It says to become an instructor today right there and you want to click that button right there and you can get started and sign up to be a teacher on udemy now, they’ll take a percentage of your profits.

How to Market your Course?

But again, they won’t be marketing your course for you. So, how do you Market your course you Market your coursework? We’re looking to learn in places such as long place. We talked about YouTube Twitter LinkedIn Google Etc. Any social media platform is a great place to teach and being a social influencer and a teacher is a great combination because Cena social influencer gives you traffic gives you an audience and teaching gives you a way to make money. So both of those work hand-in-hand, but you don’t need to do it. That way. You could have Partnerships. There are other ways that will go too deep into But essentially you need to start a YouTube channel and you need to start teaching and let me show you one motivational example recently at was really cool.


So we had a mice problem because our neighbors were letting their High V grow really long in their backyard and they’re all these mice that started Burrows. So I was looking for my straps, right because rat traps were there different mice are very light and what I came across was Look this guy Sean Woods. Literally he is a teacher. All the teaches about is creating wild animal traps. Watch his video below

That’s it wild animal traps. That’s what he teaches about. Yes, 1.2 million subscribers is a lot of people folks just to give you an idea. That’s probably around fifty thousand dollars a month and just add Revenue. So, in this case, Shawn, Literally doesn’t need a business model other than just putting up videos, you know, most the internet is hard, you know, if you have a lot of followers on Instagram, you still have to find a way to make money, right? Instagram isn’t going to pay Facebook isn’t going to pay you Twitter’s not going to pay LinkedIn isn’t going to pay, you know, you have to get traffic and you have to have a business model in the great thing about YouTube right now and why it’s so unbelievably amazing. Going to get into is you don’t have to have a business model you can. Put up cool videos. And in this case, he’s just catching wild animals. He’s doing something anybody can do with a little liar or makes a lot of his traps just by using handmade wood. Look at this. He’s created a mousetrap. It’s called Mongolian mousetrap, and he’s going to catch a mouse. But he does all these videos. He uses Kind of Night cams and he catches all these wild animals. It’s pretty crazy. He catches it desert kangaroo. Look at this. Or kangaroo rat It’s really cool. I’m addicted to this channel. I’ve been watching so many mousetrap videos. I’ve been building my own mousetraps why I don’t know. It’s really bad. It’s really sucking me in but the point is you can teach anything you can teach how to trap wild animals. You can teach how to guard and you can teach how to so you can teach you how to install lights to teach how to do affiliate marketing like I do there are so many opportunities and you can literally get paid just to teach and you don’t even have to have a business. This now I make just to give you an idea about fifteen thousand dollars a month just from YouTube that’s not even including the extra additional Revenue. I make having my own business models on top of that. Now you see what Sean is doing is he’s also selling T-shirts t-shirts around what you do you can do a lot of different things. Before you watch this YouTube video. Listen, this is Fred lamb, and I want to invite you. Okay, so I hope you enjoyed that and let me know. What was your favorite thing to learn about in the comments was affiliate marketing was it social-media influencer, or was it being a teacher and let me know in the comments? What was most interesting make sure you subscribe to my channel make sure you join. 

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