Make $100 A Day Answering Questions

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I am going to show you how to make $100 a day just answering questions. This is going to be free. This can be done. No matter what country you’re from and this can be done. Even if you are a 12 year old with braces on who’s still in grade school.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

It’s called affiliate marketing and the way affiliate marketing works is basically. You have three different points. Okay, you have an affiliate Network which has products which will you can sell and it will give you money then you have the affiliate. Okay, which is you which will be posting a link that you get from the affiliate Network and you will be putting that out there on the internet so that people can click on the link. The customer Now the customer clicks on the link and if they like the product they will pay the affiliate Network and then the affiliate Network pays you your commission and that’s how it all works. Let’s see it in action.

So second part of this method is where do you post the link? Well, we’re going to be posting a link on Q&A sites. Okay, because their sites out there were people have questions and if we could answer their question and also offer them a product. Which will help them then we will not only help the person with an answer, but we will help ourselves with money. So what a better win-win situation you help people and you make money. So let me show you the mechanics of how this works. Now. You want to sign up for this site called This is an affiliate Network. It pays out about 500 million dollars to affiliate marketers every I think that’s the equivalent of one and a half million dollars every single day. This is a fraction of the money that’s being paid out. I make over a million dollars a year with ClickBank, but there are many others who are making The same if not more and many making less. But you’re learning from one of the best here and I hope you can understand these tricks and you’re committed to putting it into action. Now. I’m going to ask you a question here. Now. My promise to you is that if I can show you how to make $100 a day. Are you all in on putting this into work and just type in if I show you this typing all in in the comments say I’m all in because this Unbelievable. It’s amazing. And so let’s make it happen. So ClickBank you want to create? Wait to walk you through craving comp basically create an account with them and you’re going to get a username next step is you go over to their affiliate market place and you are going to click on their affiliate Marketplace and you will go over here to the search button right there. Now, you’ll see a bunch of products that you can advertise over 4,000 products. You can advertise and you Various amounts of money $37 $40 Etc. What we are interested in is we are going to slide this average sale. We want High ticket. We want lots of money and we are going to slide this over so that we are making over a hundred dollars per sale. The second step is we want recurring income. This is the bonus right? You’re going to get recurring income doing this. So we’re going to slide average rebuild total. Over to 200 as well. Now you will see that the number one product to promote is the super affiliate system and we’re going to go in here and we’re going to click promote to get our You all you need to make of One sales per week to earn the equivalent of a hundred dollars per day. And in addition to that. You also be receiving a recurring revenue of 262 dollars pretty neat now. Just a quick side note for my like sub-Saharan African friends or my friends living in North Korea or Bangladesh this affiliate Network won’t accept you. I don’t know why I think you guys are cool, but you know, they don’t so I’m sorry about that, but if you want to find It Network that will accept you , there is a site that called Digi store.

Speak so we click promote and our affiliate ID or your User and you will click generate. Right there. You want to keep it set as the default and once you click generate hop links, you will copy this or you can To copy your link. Now, what I like to do is I like to open up a notepad. I’d just like to save my Ling. Think so that I have a quick and easy access to it. But what you’ll notice real quick is that this link looks really ugly. And if I saw this link out in the wild, I won’t want. So what I would actually do. Do called Italy. Go right here. Are says create click Worthy. We’re going to post our link. Click this button, which says shorten and it gives us Us still goes to the same. Same page Age which is the page for my product which is a free training, okay? Watch this free training and it gives you a chance to earn $500 if they eventually become accustomed. So next just for quick reference. I put my short wig. For a short link here to I just put that right in my I know for quick. Now the next step is we’re going to go over to the site called core, which is number one. Spencer site and we’re going to find Target questions that would relate to the product that we’re selling now affiliate marketing that you know are just all marketing. It’s really kind of like turning a key. You know, there’s it’s like turning a key in a lock. You need to get every single switch right for it to unlock the Towards In our case Big money so making money so you have to get all these three things right? First thing is the targeting, you know, you have to be putting your message in front of the right people who are going to respond to the product. You’re selling the second thing is you have to have the right. Message so you have to have a proven message that people are going to want to click on and interact with and the third thing is you’re going to want to give put the product in front of them that they are going to want to get any of these three things wrong. You get the message wrong or you put the right message, but he put it in from the wrong people or you try to sell them the wrong product you get any of these things wrong? And nobody will buy but you get them. All right, and it’s like turning a key and unlock. It’s money that’s really exciting. And it’s you know changed my life. – The Place to Post Your Answers

Affiliate marketing is completely changed my life. It could change your Or you know, I really hurt you. You don’t make sure you put this in action. If you’re going to do it type in money club right down there and chat type in money Club because this is going to be really exciting. I hope you could park this money. As well. Okay. So we’re going to go to quora and poor is the site. It’s spelled q uo r a right there. So for and you can just go to it, you know t z and this is a great site. This is a very high-quality people a lot of good stuff.

But what you want to do? Is when you’re on the home page you want to search for a couple of different topics now, I put the topics you want to search for and provide answers to right here making money College. Affiliate marketing jobs Tai Lopez Could even do other influencers such as Tony Robbins Robert Kiyosaki Etc, you know just to give you ideas but these are questions you can answer so let’s look for Money right there. Okay, so we say right here we get a question which seven point six thousand people have followed. So it’s what is the easiest way to make money online. So we’re going to go in here. We’re just going to make a response this now because every questions different you won’t necessarily be able to copy paste everything. We’re just going to be me. Okay. So here’s the question right now. We see thousands of people are following this and but we are. Right here. This is how we answer the question. It’s kind of hidden and we’ll click answer. And by the way, this is a picture of what I used to look like go see ands down its affiliate. Eight marketing I’m just going to write short answer Zoom. Okay. So what I did was I just wrote a quick answer and I actually went a little crazy on this answer.

I spend a little time doing it, you know what’s easiest way to make money online hands down this affiliate marketing this requirement product purchasing sport cause dear Restrictions popular pins I’ve heard is marketing agency. See real estate which either cost money or other costs and I said there’s great free training on how to get started as an affiliate here what I’m going to To do copy my link put in a good answer and I’m going to paste my link. Right then. I’ll see how this goes. Oh and boom. We just posted our answer to a question. Now you can go out and answer questions on all sorts of topics.

You know, people are asking is college a university worth it and the answer is unequivocally. And there’s a very good other option of how they can start learning. Okay, then there’s another question which is why do so many people hate their job you could talk on why so many people hate their jobs. You can do research online. And then give him an a resource of how they Put your affiliate link there same thing with all of these things. You could say. How did Ty Lopez become so rich and Maybe at marketing. And you how to train people? With affiliate marketing Tony Robbins, you know is Tony Robbins is scammer a con artist and you could answer that question and then you could say Tony Robbins teaches a locked out working for yourself. And here’s the best program.

How yourself and put a link there is a Host really key to so easy. It’s so easy and it’s free and the options are Limitless and you can go on these sites and just post away and over time. You’ll get more clicks on your link. Let me show you how to check your link clicks real quick. And then we’re going to go to the video and I’m going to make you a very special offer, which I think you’ll enjoy now when you’re in ClickBank, you’ll want to go over to this reporting tab analytics area if you want to check if your links are getting What you can do is you can scroll down here and look at your clicks and you can see right here using this method.

I’ve gotten 266 clicks. I’ve gotten a hundred and thirty-nine order form Impressions and moving over here. We see I’m a $2,000 and $500 recurring Revenue. So that’s how you check roughly speaking one in. Tanker form impression and Should become a sale so you want to aim to send at least a hundred clicks before you would expect. Us but send more Or the more the better. Whether you want to make that money easy way to make money. I mean, it’s amazing if this was easy money go type in money Club in the chat.

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