6 Websites To Make $100 A Day in 2020

John Crestani is going to be going over six different websites that you can use to make 100 $ a day even if you’re broke. Now, this doesn’t cost any money to do. And John Crestani is outlining all of these websites on his computer over there. And we’re going to have some fun and he is gonna show you how you can make some serious money online you just need to know where to go. Let’s get it.

Okay, I’m having way too much fun with these… These money shooters right here. This is a lot of fun. I’m sorry but I just got these things and they are a hoot. Okay. So, let’s check this out.

1.Ad Fly

So, the first website that you can make some serious money on. This website pays out millions of dollars a year. I’ve seen tons of people use it. Frankly, it is the most annoying ad website in the world. But you make good money doing it.

So, it’s called ad fly, okay? And the way it works is you share links on the Internet. But you just shrink them with AD fly. So, let me show you real quick. So, what’s a website that you like to use? Or what’s something you might share with people?

Let’s say a funny video, right? So, let’s find a funny video okay? And we’ll say… Okay here’s a… Here’s a funny video. It’s got funny fails. Oh, okay. We’re going to put this on ad fly, okay? And you can see right here is what the URL is. Atf.ly.

Now, we’re going to paste this YouTube video here. And we’re going to say shrink. And we get an ad fly link which we are going to copy and paste. Let’s check it out. So now, what happens is we go to a website. And it says… Notice this. It shows… It says, “Please wait seconds.” There’s an ad right here but you can’t go to the website unless you click skip ad over here, okay? Then you have to press allow to continue.

So, it makes it hard to access URLs. It’s really annoying. But the great thing about it is you get paid money every time somebody clicks on a link. Now, what you want to do is you want to create an account.


Now, the second way of making money of making $ 100 a day online is called flippa. So, flippa is a site where you can buy and sell website domains. Now, this is a totally new market.

Now, one interesting business model that’s been around for years or for hundreds of years is called business broker and it’s it’s where you help people buy and sell their businesses and you make a commission in between.

I know two business brokers who actually make over a million dollars a year helping people sell their businesses and finding buyers for those businesses and making a cut in the middle. Now, that’s essentially what you’re doing here, is you’re helping people buy and sell their websites and make money on the transaction.

So, there’s a number of ways to use Flippa to actually buy and sell website. Let’s look at starter sites right here. We’re just gonna click starter sites right here. So, you can see here, all my friends are models. Or let’s try another site which is… So here’s a site / amend.com.

Now, as you can see, if you zoom in, we can see that this site makes $ , per month. So, what’s neat is you can actually if you wanted to buy the site for $ , and you can have a website that makes you back that amount of money in within a month and a couple days, okay? Within a month and days. You have a website now that makes you $ , a month.

So you pay off the website, you get a loan, pay off the website within months. Then it’s pure profit after that. That’s one way of starting an internet business. Just buy it. Another way of starting an internet business as I said is making $ a day is helping people buy and sell websites on here.

You could reach out to a hundred business owners who have websites and you can ask them how much would you like to sell your website? Maybe somebody will. And you can sell that website on flippa.com and tell them and make a cut of the transaction.

You can facilitate the transaction and make a cut. Maybe anywhere from to percent. Another way you can use Flippa to make money is you can actually buy a website and improve it. Some sort of like fixing and flipping a house and real estate.

You can buy a website and if you know a little bit about marketing, you could place better ads on it. You could improve it search rankings and you can optimize the website for conversions. Very easy stuff, very straightforward.

3. Duda.co

Now we’re on Duda.co. And you’ll see that right there. Duda.co. And it says the web design platform for scaling your agency. Lets build websites.

Now, what Duda.co is, is Duda is a site that will help you build websites if you have zero technical experience. And there are a lot of people out there.There are a lot of business owners and a lot of individuals out there who would like to have websites created for them.

You can use Duda to build those websites for them for free. And you can make money. You can charge money for that. So, having no technical experience, I mean think about it.

I think there’s , businesses registered each year in the United States. That’s , every single day are registered in the United States. And it’s public information. Now, if you can get just one of those businesses to pay you $ a day to design to website for their new business they registered, which is public information, then you’re making $ day and you got your money right there. Simple, easy, fast and free. You got it. You start your digital agency.

4. Fiverr.com

Now, the next way to make money online is a site I like to use a lot which is called fiverr.com. fiverr.com is you can sell your services for $ .

You can do simple little things like design and logo or do a place a backlink for somebody or shoot a video for somebody. Let’s check out the voiceover.

Popular. So, here’s… Here’s one. I will record a professional female American voiceover. Frankly, it sounds like you need a robot. But that sounds horrible but the point is for 10 $, this is the most popular gig in the voice-over category. If you can just do five voiceovers a day, you’re going to make 100 $.

So that’s very easy. Here’s another one. I will voice an impression of Gandalf Magneto or any something or another, okay? I will professionally record an American female voice over. So, you have a lot of different ways to make money on here just by doing voice overs. And there’s a lot of other ways you can make money with Fiverr.

You could do translations if you know another language. You can do articles or blog posts. If you know how to write articles or blog posts.

There are a million ways that you can make money with Fiverr very simply and easily.

Let’s move on to the next one. Now, the next way you can make money online is sort of similar to what we did with the web design but there are also lots of businesses that are looking for logos or that are looking for ad banners or that are looking for various things related to brochures or what-have-you.


Now, you can help those businesses by designing those things for them with zero technical skills, with zero graphic design skills, with a program. Software programs that are literally free.

Now, the software tool to use for people who have no graphic design skills that want to actually start doing graphic design or marketing brochures or whatever for businesses is called canva, okay? Right here. Canva.

And you can see the first link right here is what you want to click on to be taken to this site right here. So, let’s say we wanted to design a brochure for somebody.

You would type in the brochure. And here you have a template for brochures. So, I just click this and right away, we were given templates to design professional brochures for business. Now, it’s great about canva is you don’t need any design skills to do it.

Now as you see, I’m chosen this brochure. And I can literally change out these images just by you know, I click on photos and I just drag this over here. I could drag this over here. I could… You know, I could do anything like that. I can go back to the template.

I can say, “Okay, I want to change out this image for this image.” And boom! And it’s so easy. It’s so simple to do. It’s unbelievable. And you can create professionally designed brochures or marketing material or business cards or anything that has to deal with design with canva. And you can charge real money for that.

Frankly, I… You know, I just found out about this off, right? I paid a graphic design there are thousands of dollars because I’m lazy. But it’s so easy to do now. And you can charge a lot of money on this. Now, the last method that you can use to make $ 100 a day actually the method I use to make $ 20000 a day. And it’s called affiliate marketing. And it’s by marketing other company’s products online. And earn a commission for marketing those products.


Now, I make a little bit more than $ a day. But nonetheless, this earns a little gunshot. Let’s go see clickbank.com. So, it’s right here. And to sign up, you create an account right here.

Now, Clickbank will pay you money… You know, whereas clients you can get him to pay you any way they want. Whether it’s… You PayPal or stripe or what-have-you. Clickbank will pay you two ways. They’ll either pay you through a check. They’ll send a check in the mail to whatever your address is. Or number two as they will send you a bank wire direct deposit into your bank account. They don’t work with every country around the world. They don’t work with Nigeria or Bangladesh. Sorry Nigerians or Bangladeshi.

If that’s right. Now, where you find about the products that you can sell is you click in the affiliate marketplace.Okay? Now, first off, if you are getting value from this video, slam that subscribe button and hit the like. Make sure you enable notifications after you subscribe because I’m going to start doing some live streams here soon.

And I look forward to seeing you on those live streams. I’m going to be dropping knowledge/ I want to answer live questions and talk to you guys. And love to see you in my future videos. I have a ton of videos on my channel. I try to teach the world affiliate marketing.

I actually believe everybody in the future who is a business person will be an affiliate for some company. So stay tuned on this. Make sure you hit that subscribe button. Give me some love because I’d love to see you on future videos on the channel. So, let’s go to that affiliate marketplace. And what we do once we’re here in the marketplace is we want to click that magnifying glass button right there.

And what will pop up is as you see we have over, products that we can promote as an affiliate. Now, over here in the green, you will see your payout. That’s the amount of money you will earn for promoting whatever product is over here on the left side. This is… This happens to be the number one product which is a weight loss product called flat belly fix.

The way you promote these products is you would click the link right here. Click promote. You would enter your account nickname. You click the generate hop link. Copy this. Go to a link like this. And if they click on this link, they’re going to have to view this video. And then they purchase the product, you win and you make money. And you sell three of these flat belly fix products. And you make $ 100 a day. Now, just to give you perspective, that’s about sixty clicks.

Whereas on ad fly you’d have to get about something like or clicks to earn $ a day. On this, for the flat belly fix, you’d need about clicks to earn an average about $ a day. They’ll give you about three sales. I actually have a product on Clickbank. And my product is if you scroll down here, there are different ways you can promote affiliate products. You can for products that pay you a lot of recurring commissions or you can look for products that pay very large commissions as well. Now, my product happens to do both.

You’ll see my product right here which is the number one high ticket product because I want my affiliates to make a lot of money. And this is actually also my training course.

So, you can be an affiliate for me or you can just be you know a student of mine and take my six-week training course and learn how you can tap into this business model of affiliate marketing and make very large Commission’s online through selling products. There are billion people in the world right now.

And most of them are using the internet. Most of the products that are bought nowadays are done so on the internet and you have a chance to earn commissions from those. What you have to understand is most people aren’t even interacting in real life. Most people are not interacting in person anymore.

They’re these things to interact now. They’re using those computers to interact and to buy things for their house or their apartment or their whatever. You can tap into that money. You can have a percentage of that money. You can be the person who connects them with your link to the products.

And you can connect to people on a massive scale and earn a lot of money doing so. You just have to take action. Now, I’m not doing my job giving this information out to you for free if you don’t do anything. Now, you’re interested in making money online, if you’re gonna put one of these or ways into action, type in “I’m in”.

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