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How to make 250 dollars. Just by typing names and this is not a joke. This may seem crazy. This may seem weird, but you can do this, no matter where you are from in the world, no matter where you currently are in the world. Zambia Zimbabwe, whatever you can do this any age and you can do this. This is free. Okay, and you can get paid $250 and if you come over here to my computer, I am going to show you how to do this real quick. So it’s going to be a lot of fun. Let’s get to it.

$250 , that’s how much money you can make from a single job on this website. Now, I’m going to get right into it the way these works is that companies need to come up with name ideas. And there’s a lot of people like me who are very uncreated that cannot figure out good names for either a software product or service or whatever. And we need better ideas and there are business owners that come on this site. It’s called Squadhelp.com.

Business owners come on here, they list projects and they pay people like you to come up with names from so the way it works is you’re going to come up with names for somebody’s startup or for somebody’s company or for somebody’s brand whatever it is. You’re going to help them. Come up with the name and if they like it they will pay you.

Proof of Earning

So now if you go over to the page where it says, Contest and then you click on winners. A man has made $100 for coming up with the name for somebody’s website. Doogal bit.com. Okay, here’s another one Zeeshan came up with the logo for a company made a hundred and fifty dollars. So here’s Chef track. He came up with a name for a website Chef track.com. Holly girl got paid $ 500.Okay coming up with the name for an hour. For name for leadership consultancy, this person made $300 folks. Get any easier coming up with names for companies and getting paid.

You can get paid in so many ways. I’m just mind-blowing and here’s one more Creator Raj Vemma who got paid, you know twice in one day got paid. $100 and here’s another person Oreo from he’s from Indonesia and he got piggies. Over three thousand dollars helping name companies with this site.

How Does it Work?

So how SWAT help actually works is basically you’re helping people name their company and find domains for their company. It’s very simple. Now, I’m going to show you one quick way that you can actually come up with names. Even if you’re not very creative right now. But as you see it’s typically a one-two, you know, 14-day process until a winner is selected. And then you get to uh, get your money. Okay. So let’s go into Squad help. Let’s look at some of the projects and let’s see how you can actually compete in this. So now if you actually I wind up to make money by helping name companies where you would go as you go to this top bar and then you click to become creative.

Okay, because that’s what you’re considered. If you’re creating stuff your creative should go there and you go through their signup process. Eddie how to make more you make $100 you earn cash. It’s like a Gladius and etcetera and they go over all the questions here blah blah blah and its worldwide now. I just logged into the marketplace and I just signed up and I’m going to look for some contest. So I’m in the marketplace. I’m going to look in their contest active contest right there. So I’m gonna go to the active contest. Okay, let’s see. Okay, the okay now, Nonprofit dinner Gala and the cost the amount I’ll get paid is $100 and it says guaranteed prize. So let’s see this so I click on the entry and we see that they have they get some explanation about this. They say it says for CEOs corporate CEOs, they participated, you know, there’s all this information here. And what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to do this really easily here.

Tools That Could Help You

Okay, I’m gonna go over to the business name generator. Okay, and this is business name generator.com. Come with some ideas. I’m actually going to type in non-profit dinner Gala. I’m going to search boom and we got some ideas here. This is kind of interesting. We have dinner Co nonprofit Lee nonprofit loud dinner corralled inner Bliss nonprofit squat, so we start getting some ideas. So now if we really want to go to the next level we can see, you know, penny for many support the sport we can see what they like. Okay, so we could put in some more ideas. It is based on what you know, what they like or what? What other information do you know heart-healthy cook-off right? We’re putting together new fundraising again for the American Heart. Association’s Go Red For Women. So, you know, I’m going to type that if you know go red. Ed you know No Go Red For Women. I’m just gonna type that in and see if it comes up with any ideas. You know, so and you could use these ideas and you can submit them and if any of them work you get paid a hundred dollars so you can go through this but it’s very easy to do very simple. It’s free to sign up.

You can do this anywhere in the world. It’s never been easier and even people like REO from Indonesia this weird looking. The thing he has here has made $3,000 now just to give you an idea of how much money $3,200 is for somebody in Indonesia. The average monthly salary in Indonesia is 280 dollars fifty dollars a month. So timesing that by 12 means that this kid Aria made more than a yearly income of the average Indonesian just by picking names online guys. That’s awesome. Congratulations to REO and you can be that person to guys give this video a big thumbs up if Just got your mind. Known by this if you can do this.

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