How to Earn Money on YouTube: 6 Tips for Beginners

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This is very important information shared with all who are interested in making money from youtube. You will get a lot of tips on selecting your topic or niche in youtube, how to choose keywords to make videos, how to optimize videos, how to maintain consistency in posting videos & also John Cristani Shares his Little Secret of making money on youtube.

Okay, I’m going to be showing you how to make a hundred thousand dollars plus per year as a teacher on YouTube or just as a teacher and I’m going to be showing you step-by-step what I’ve done this is going to be the most.

A few about being a YouTube teacher there has ever been it’s going to be a little bit longer too but I’m going to show you how to be a teacher , going to show you everything.

I want to tell you this is a Formula. I am a very formulaic oriented person to choose your Niche. I stayed in and I’m going to tell you about that. I’m going to show you how to research other, you know, research other channels in your Niche figure out what the potential is what you should be doing.

I’m going to show you how to pick your topics that you actually talked about on YouTube as a teacher because remember it’s not about you. It’s about giving value to others. So you need to be able to pick your topics to give value to what others want.

I’ll show you how to do the shoot the step by step of You can get all these videos out you see me. Uncle day and there’s some work that goes into that and I’m going to go over this is the you know, if your Up. Let’s check out this section is the numbers.

I’m going to go over what numbers you want to be hitting when you should be expecting traction. How long it will take to get there to get your first hundred or thousand or whatever subs and I’m going to show you how to take everything you’re doing and move on Words With It kind of how to look at what the videos people are liking and how to react to what people want at this, you know at whatever times that your The videos so you can optimize you can look at your numbers and draw conclusions from them about what to shoot next and what topics and what you should be doing to make everything better. Now if you’re excited for this, this is going to be fun and I’m going to show you that teaching is actually one of the most beneficial to society professions and one of the Industries you can get in right now. Very unsaturated. Let’s get to it. I’m going to lay this all out. Let’s have some fun. Okay. So how do you make $100,000 a year as a teacher now to let you know a little bit about me? I do a lot of videos on YouTube, but I don’t make $100,000 a year. I make over a million dollars a year. And exact numbers it’s over. Grillers Click one percent okay of income earners and that’s personal income. That’s not business income that’s personal because personal is what counts and you can make a lot of money being a teacher. I hear so many teachers complain about their wages or their salaries, but the reality You actually get more back giving out the content for free and a lot of my business is based on. Again, Tanya, You to offer value to world the value will always come back to you. So first, let’s dive into picking your Niche now when I started I didn’t know how to pick the perfect Niche. I was just Um, I really didn’t have a clue and it’s fine by the way don’t need to know your exact Niche when your start but these were the niches that I chose in the beginning and I’ll tell you how they transformed now the niches I picked are the topics I picked to talk about were digital Nomad quitting your job affiliate marketing and Google ads my job before I quit in 2012 was doing Google ads. So I figured I could offer some extremely valuable content. They’re being a digital Nomad of travel the world affiliate.

Things where I made my money and putting my job was kind of a big decision that I figured I could speak authoritatively about so what I did was I shot a number of videos on each of these topics. I shot about five videos on each topic and I kind of mixed them up in how I was releasing them all go into how you should release videos how often how consistent and how to do that in a little bit when we get to the number section. I’ll take you on my computer, but Basics of these Topics shop Mall and I drip fed them out of looking at what hit the most what got the most views now in doing research. I wanted to see what Niche my going to be in what other YouTubers was I going to hope to show up in their suggested videos because all the traffic is in suggested videos for most of the traffic. Eric now all I did was I actually just went to YouTube and I searched, you know, I searched for a kind of the words. I wanted to see it. Here is what we’re actually getting views or getting Traction in talking about the topics that I was talking about it now just to give you an idea some rules of thumb is kind of the biggest YouTubers in my Niche. I found were about a million subs and you can check this out right here. So if we have ODI Productions and he’s talking about affiliate marketing and he has a hundred and seventy two thousand views. He has two hundred and seven thousand subscribers. So I thought that was pretty cool. I looked up a lot of Search terms in the guys that I showed saw showing up consistently, you know, here’s Angkor. Here’s Roberto Blake Ryan Hildreth ODI Production shows up a lot freedom in. Flew around and I started looking at how big their Channel. Oh, Zane, we see we see Roberta Blake has 400,000 we see Ryan Hildreth has 94,000 Freedom influencer with 50,000 J Browne with 370,000 and another big YouTuber that showed up often in my space was Kevin David who had about half a million subscribers at the time. And of course there was Tai Lopez which had about a million subscribers when I started so I did research and I looked at what topics they did that were trending. Okay. I looked at if there was people are viewing their videos on affiliate marketing on digital. And excetera so I said, okay, my market is validated and I set a goal for myself. I always set goals and I said, okay, I want to have roughly between where I should shoot for is roughly between a quarter of a million and a million subscribers like a million subscribers will be the And be kind of like when I’ve maxed out my audience and talking about these topics. So I did research. So when you’re first starting out on YouTube, the hardest thing is going from 0 subscribers to a thousand and in order to get that initial traffic you have to actually do the trick. This is the big secret of this change. Are you actually want to focus more on how to video? So you want to do maybe around I say 15? How to videos of that 20 video shoot right want to do maybe about 15 maybe 10 to 15 videos that are how to topics. Let me show you now how to videos are the essential type of teaching videos you’re showing people how to do something and people search for these terms. So here’s Stephen James is channel called Project Life Mastery, and he did how to stop trading time for money how to make money on YouTube with Dan lock how to budget your money how to Make Money on Amazon how to overcome the fear of starting your business how to stay focused and achieve your goals. Now how-to videos are very direct teaching videos, you know, it’s a teaching video if it’s a how-to video and this is the best way to go. Round of topics you want to do about 15 of these and then you want to do about five clickbait videos. Let me show you how to pick these topics. So here I am on sem rush and this is called the keyword magic tool and you can use it if you want but what I did was I entered in a word such as affiliate marketing and I wanted to search for words that people were searching for around affiliate marketing because I want to show up in the search because when you have zero subscribers you need to do videos. Have some search traffic for them you want to show up in that search when people are searching on Google or YouTube and I looked here and I saw the videos that are getting you know, the questions are stuff such as what is affiliate marketing how to start affiliate marketing Etc. Now, these are questions. I could speak to authoritatively and answer and shoot videos about but there’s a little but you would think that you’d want to go for the most high. Umm, keywords such as what is affiliate marketing and that’s wrong. You actually want to go to the most specific question because when somebody is searching for the question, what is affiliate marketing what they’re probably thinking but just don’t consciously know how to type. He’s probably they’re looking for this question is how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners. So I would do a topic like that and even though this only gets 210 searches.

Answer this question it probably. What affiliate marketing is if? Whew, but most people who are searching about affiliate marketing are probably thinking about well, how do I do this as a beginner? So you want to speak to those people? To a beginner not somebody more advanced because that’s what’s going to ultimately get people watching your video. The next way I pick topics is to pick the clickbait E-Type topics. I would go to Odi Productions Channel and I would click on this tab right here. Videos and I’m going to go over on the right side here. Ear like sort by and I’m going to click sort by. Right there, you can see some of these videos are irrelevant. You know, I’m not going to do a video. Lil Wayne An instrumental And it got to use Business, but I saw he did videos like this how to make a WordPress website 2016 easy. So I thought to myself. Okay cool. That’s a video I can do and I For this year also see what is affiliate marketing and how does Is it how to make a thousand dollars per day with a Now this is an example of something that people aren’t searching for but it’s something that people will click on and are interested in now. If you put up clickbait E-Type titles in your videos, if you don’t have any subscribers, but they may not get very much traction initially until you get a bigger subscriber count, but I still suggest you spice those in there now over time what you do or what I do as you get more subscribers.

You kind of reverse things out of a 20 video shoot you might do I’ve how to videos then you might do 15 click baby titles because you know, you’re going to get some traction on your videos. And if YouTube sees that people enjoy the topic they’ll show them more in the suggested video column, which is where you really grow your channel big now for the actual shoot. You’re going to want to schedule an entire day to shoot video. Bo and I’m going to expose one of my secrets here, so my little secret is I actually film 20 videos a day right there. So I scheduled 20 videos in a day and what you do is you then release those videos over time. This isn’t my business. This is Of like, you know, my name business is I by act even when I market products, so that’s my main business. So you want to kind of bat shooting so I say 20 visits a day is kind of a good place to sit now another thing. The overtime is I like using props. You know, I have little props that relate to what I do for for me. You know, I’m using white board. I’m using a computer and you know, I kind of mix it up. I have my money my money gone, you know, and I always keep my books around because my books are just frankly they’re always around but I I really do want people to know I’m a reader and I’m a person and I am a real you know, this is what I do in this is how I live. Give money, you know like not everybody has as much money as me, but I bring all this money out here because Has she others how to make money so it needs to people need to understand. Myself. I’m not just here teaching people how to make money and I’m actually secretly broke. With a lot of money I’m doing well, and I need that to be conveyed and I figured that would be an advantage in this particular niche in the make money and it should would be proof that you know, like look. It’s right out there. Despite what you see in my ads. I don’t actually spend my money on exotic cars. I rent those cars. I rent helicopters. I don’t own my own helicopter yet. I am a helicopter. You know just kind of I do it for fun, but I put all my money in my savings account. You know, I put all my money, you know, I’m saving up for retirement because that’s the smart thing to do. But however often you can shoot you want to drip feed those videos out at the same time every single day. Okay. So for me, I release my videos at 8:30. Every day he 38. AF Monday through Friday, and if A subscriber to my channel, you know might This is unbelievable. If we got that from Casey neistat, big shout out because he was a YouTuber who really influenced me and let me know what YouTuber in. Flew the most to if you’re inspiring, you know person wanting to start a YouTube channel. Let me know which Youtuber And for some of you it’s me for me, it was Casey neistat, you know and for others it might be, you know, people like Stephen James or Tai Lopez, but let me know in the comments, which you too. Inspired you to say this is something I might actually want to do. Now if you can’t afford High my eyes or money-wise. To just do a full day of shooting videos every single month and release 20. Bogle month then do whatever schedule works best with you, but the most And only get to you know, if you can only do a video shoot every A few to a week but because Justin I can’t stress this enough the consistency Has to be most overwhelming factor that you can possibly do same time every day and you have to keep this up for a long period of time. I’m talking you have to commit to this for six months until you can actually rule out if your men For now, here are some really valuable numbers. You may want to screenshot this to me. I want to wallpaper. Aiming Post-it note on Computer or whatever, but this is going to be some really I’m actually going to take you down on my computer and show you some of the metrics within my own. Tube so you can see how this works in action. So first off I’m going to go over some numbers these are ratios. Has in mind to kind of analyze your videos route now one important thing is likes versus dislikes. So generally speaking you want to have 20 likes for every dislike you have if you have way more dislikes than this than that’s not good, but generally speaking if you’re doing good videos if you’re telling the truth if Don’t think people should get about 95 percent people liking your video and 1% of people dislike in your video. Next thing is comments. So generally speaking you want, you know, one comment for every thousand views. Okay, if you weren’t getting a comment for every thousand views then you’re probably doing something wrong. Okay. So the next one is views per video. So once you start getting subscribers and Ali you’re answering questions, right? You’re answering questions you’re getting that search traffic from Google and YouTube and that is slowly starting to overtime that will start growing. And you’ll start getting subscribers and once you start getting subscribers, you will only actually expect about 5 to 10% after a week. Okay? So for me, you know, I have a hundred thousand, you know some subscribers. So I only expect my videos to do maybe five to ten thousand views. Why I don’t know sometimes those videos boost up months later. I don’t fully understand the algorithm. But this is this is what I do know now the most important metric as a teacher you want to watch out for is average watch time. Now average watch time is the most important metric you can look at now. Here’s the reality of your average watch time is a minute or two minutes as a teacher. It means you’re probably not doing your job, right you read or not interesting enough or you’re not teaching valuable enough content or that there’s a disconnect between your headline and the content you’re actually delivering but for whatever reason it is you need your average watch time about four minutes or above if it’s not above 4 minutes as a teacher, then you’re doing something wrong and Now ways to improve average watch time can be a myriad of things one is Interesting to it. If you know you could you could change the tonality of your voice another one. It could actually jump in between different settings. So I teach a little bit on here I teach a little bit on here. R stats in just a second. Now. What I just did is I future paste you I laid out what I’m going to show you in the future because we’re going to get into that in a second, but that keeps your average watched. I’m going another thing you want to do. Is you know, I don’t do too much. But if you look at other channels, they rely a lot on having funny edits or funny things going on Etc to be a You’ve got to be entertained. We all remember University or college and how just mind them. Boring those professors are it’s really sad, but the future of A key to be entertaining that was actually a quote from Elon Musk. Elon Musk said education should be like a Batman movie. There should be There should be bumps. There should be downstairs should be character. Excetera and last but not least is there’s a spike time and this is what I’m going to show you on my computer. General Lee you’ll see See your views go up if you are doing everything. Distantly if you are consistently posting videos every 6 to 10 weeks. Weak let me just put that on there the YouTube gods and this is what I’ve seen the YouTube God’s will favor you with more traffic and they will kind of not you up into a different demographic than the suggested. And you will be exposed to a new group of people. I’m doing everything right for another six to eight weeks. They will expose you to more people and so on and such forth that’s three months, you know, so this takes time and that’s why you have to do this. You have to commit for six months of consistently posted videos. If you want to make this good now, let’s get on Words. Let’s look at the stats right here and have some fun. Ok, so when you said, YouTube channel you’ll get access to What’s called the Creator studio right here. I Static version but that’s going to be deprecated soon. But this is the thing. I look at I started posting videos regularly out in August. I had some videos on my channel, but what you’ll see is kind of uncanny. So you’ll see right here is when I started posting videos and six to eight weeks we look we see our first Spike over here okay out six weeks later and they will expose you to a new audience if your videos do well in a broader. Retaining enough Your bring valuable content Etc then that you will set a new page. Just see that I started posting videos and I set a new Baseline went up a little bit. If you look at this another six to eight weeks later a spike and a new Baseline right there and if you look again another Spike. And then sort of a new Baseline and right here again. You’ll see YouTube God’s another Spike and we have another new Baseline. But the point is you have to say Assistant if you don’t stay. But you won’t see these these will determine whether you set a new Baseline. So, how do I optimize my topics over time is what I do is not too difficult. I actually look at my dissection real-time activity. Sorry. This interface is a little new for me. Me and I’ll click this Seymour and what I’m interested in. What videos are people most? And these are the top videos that people are interested make a hundred dollars per day with Facebook with Country make a hundred dollars per day with Google with is one trick how to make $30 an hour using apps on your phone. These are my top trending topics right now. Therefore the videos that I’m going to do next if I know anything about how to make $100 a day on another using another traffic Source. I’m going to do a video on that. That’s exactly what I’ll be doing. I’m going to show people other Free traffic sources and that’s what I realized very quickly people don’t want to learn advertising on YouTube. They want to learn that within a course. It just YouTube is not the preferred place for people to learn. Pay money most people on YouTube want to learn how to do affiliate marketing for free. So therefore that’s what you want to give people if people want to learn free traffic methods, then you give them free traffic methods and that’s what I focus on on my channel now. Okay, so that is becoming a

Nutshell and it’s a lot of stuff. It’s a lot of work. It’s a six-month minimum commitment, but it will pay off. And if you are committed to doing this there are teachers. Since you know, there’s this person Sean Woods who teaches Being an animal traps wild animal traps how to catch mice how to catch skunks how to catch raccoons how to catch anything.

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